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For the W


The importance of investing in women and women’s soccer has never been greater. By providing more opportunities to play, work, and watch, we’re committed to growing the women’s game for all who love it.


The USL W League strives to use women’s soccer as a force for societal good by creating a national platform to increase OPPORTUNITY, GENDER EQUITY AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT.


The USL W League is committed to helping girls and women achieve their dreams by providing over 750 new opportunities for women to play, coach, and work in soccer. Further, with teams located across the country, thousands of women’s soccer fans will have new and greater access to the sport they love. Ultimately, the USL W League will provide a platform that allows for greater exposure both on and off the field resulting in a stronger game led by strong women.


Women deserve the same opportunities as men in sport and in life. The USL is committed to taking action together to advance gender equity by investing in the W League, For the W. With the current acceleration of women’s sports and support of women’s athletes, there is no better time to launch a league with gender equity at the heart of its mission.


The W League is dedicated to inspiring women and creating change both on and off the field. By placing an emphasis on career development, the USL W League will provide its athletes with tools and resources to help prepare them for the transition to their post-playing careers


To create MORE for the women of today and tomorrow.



The W League is committed to elevating the women’s game by providing a platform that will give women athletes the chance to advance their playing careers as well as their careers beyond the field. In elevating the voices and accomplishments of our women athletes, the W will serve as a force for societal change and a platform for increased awareness.


The W League aspires to empower women to get in the game by creating a space where visibility and representation are of the utmost importance. In providing increased visibility for the women’s side of the game, the W League serves to inspire the young women athletes of tomorrow to chase their dreams both on and off the pitch.


The W League strives to be a catalyst for change by using its platform to move the needle for women in soccer through a focus on gender equity and opportunity. By creating thought-provoking dialogue around women’s soccer, the W League aims to take small steps each day to advance the overall status of women in sport.