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The USL W League is supported by USL's expansive league office comprised of more than 17 departments and featuring more than 65 talented sports industry professionals dedicated to providing exceptional service to club owners, team personnel, players, and fans.

United Soccer League

Betsy Haugh

Director, Operations – USL Super League

As Director of Operations for Women’s Soccer, Betsy leads the charge in operating and managing the USL W League.

United Soccer League

Joel Nash

VP - Youth & Pre-Professional

As Vice President of Youth & Pre-Professional, Joel spearheads the strategic planning and execution along with leading the expansion projects for the USL W League.

United Soccer League

Julie Fogarty

Digital Services Senior Manager

As Digital Services Coordinator, Julie works to develop all web related content and serves as the main point of contact for digital services for the USL W League and oversees a network of 70+ websites.

United Soccer League

Lisa Padan

Communications and Content Manager

As Communications and Content Manager, Lisa leads communications and media relations for the USL W League, in addition to serving as the main point of contact for all W League club communications.


The Gender Equity Subcommittee - an extension of USL's IMPACT Committee - plays an instrumental role in steering the direction of the USL W League, with a focus on standards and initiatives that help support women in the game. Since its inception in January 2021, the committee has helped develop the league's mission, vision, and branding.

San Diego Loyal SC

Shannon MacMillan

Senior Advisor and Lead Analyst

As Senior Advisor and Lead Analyst of San Diego Loyal SC, Shannon works to support the technical staff and serves as the lead analyst for all Loyal home games. In addition to her role at the club, Shannon also represents the Loyal on the USL's Tech committee and Gender Equity committee.

Somos Unidos Foundation (NM)

Chanel Wiese

Executive Director

Chanel develops and implements the community impact of New Mexico United through their nonprofit: The Somos Unidos Foundation. The organization houses the club's Academy team, funding it to be free for all participants, as well as focuses on Art, Sport and Unity across the state of New Mexico.

Oakland Roots SC

Mike Geddes

Chief Purpose Officer

As Chief Purpose Officer Mike is responsible for integrating into every aspect of the Oakland Roots strategy the club’s Purpose - to harness the magic of Oakland and the power of sports as a force for social good.